The denizens of the Grey Cradle see the world as belonging to and existing because of the gods. In most views, there are as many gods as there are facets of reality; nevertheless, there is some order and hierarchy to this multitude.

The gods most universally recognized and most widely worshipped belong to one of two sub-pantheons: The Radiant Hosts or The Infinite Dark. Naturally, some reign over aspects of reality recognized as “good” by most mortals and some reign over aspects of reality recognized as “evil.” However, most religious scholars would contend that the deities of the Host and those of the Dark all exist outside of the notions of morality. The Hosts can sanction and even actively perform acts that would be considered “evil,” and it is not uncommon for the gods of the Dark to be the master architects and driving motivators behind “good” happenings.

Also, the two pantheons frequently collaborate when their interests intersect, and just as often, they are in conflict when their interests diverge. The major deities from each pantheon also all have sub-ordinal ranks of lesser deities, angels, spirits, demons, etc. who usually do the bidding of their overseers.

Many of the races of Efferus have their own Cultural Deities as well, most fall outside of the two main pantheons.


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