Important People


Traq Pad: Max’s father, currently imprisoned on trumped up charges of using excessive force in the pursuit of several bounties. Has asked Max to go to Zelkor’s Ferry and find Socrates, Traq’s former business associate who has information pertinent to Max’s exoneration.

Lord Vyncent Bexley: the landed noble of Riverhaven

Lord Mayor Willery Pottes: the lord mayor charged with the peace, order, and protection of Riverhaven; asked the party to go to Zelkor’s Ferry and help bring the sword of justice to the bandits in the area.

Duri Coldanvil: a talented blacksmith and business contact for Max; asked the party to find a missing merchant named Gelver who was late delivering a load of supplies to Duri.

Zelkor’s Ferry

Odo Bristleback: Mayor of Zelkor’s Ferry, captain of the village guard, owner and proprietor of Bristleback Inn, and middleman for the various merchants and river-runners who use his small town as a stop off along the Summer Run River.

Ulman Dark: benevolent healer and necromancer who has been accepted as the arcane/spiritual leader of Zelkor’s Ferry. Generally keeps to himself, but will help with civic, martial, and other affairs when called in by his dear friend, Odo. Asked the party to retrieve the skin of a serpent with fire resistant properties.

Tall Jack Rat: leader of a ring of thieves plaguing the region around Zelkor’s Ferry, camped out in The Mouth of Doom. Slain by our party, decapitated, and head turned in for ransom. Some of his crew mentioned that they only go on runs when asked by those below.

Socrates: not much is yet known of this former associate of Traq Pad. He is rumored to be in one of the lower levels of the Mouth of Doom, as revealed by the mysterious figure who through Doc through the portal.

Gelver: transporter of goods along the rivers betwen Zwei Hugel, Riverhaven, and Bayford. When the party finds him, he is a raving lunatic, incapable of making immediate sense; however, he is rather handy with a crossbow, and he will eat almost anything, therefore conserving some of the party’s rations if food runs thin.

Important People

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