June 14th Session

Return of Nanok; Through the Teleportal

Nanok – humanoid figure had his hands and was calming. nanok drops his weapon and bows down. The figure takes the shape of a wolf and his eyes
glow a goldish green kind of color.
Nanok realizes he is also a wolf and he runs withe pack rushing through the forest. Nanok awakens to find he is sitting at a table wiht all his gear
right beside him. Ulman Dark is there and says “oh you’re awake” Nanok wonders where 3 is. Ulman states he headed back into the mouth of doom.
Nanok learns he has been unconcious for a day and a half. Ulman offers to teleport Nanok. Nanok wants to run but realizes
he can’t make it to the party in time.
Ulman telports Nanok to the group
on the 3rd floor of the mouth of doom.

The group goes through the south door and heads east. The group hears a crackle of energy. Nanok appears suddenly.
He asks “what happened? Why was I back in town?” 3 rushes up and climbs onto his back excited to see him. He notices a
different smell. Max notices as well.

Stryker questions if Nanok is really nanok. He asks him to prove himself. Nanok says he doesn’t have to prove
anything. Stryker is satisfied that he is truly Nanok.

Doc goes back to investigate the room the party entered from. He doesn’t recognize it to be a room he had been
to before. He notices that a lot of the broken pieces of wood there are really dried stains that he recognizes
as blood stains.

The party continues to head west while Stryker checks for traps. He finds no traps but find the hallway ends and discovers a pressure plate.
Stryker stand on the pressure plate and a portcullis 20’ to east slams down blocking the way.

The party tries to lift the portcullis and are unable to. They move west and see a swarm of roaches. Stryker casts bonfire
and the roaches scatter

The party enters a dark room that could have been a store room or trash dump. it is filed with broken items.

Stryker and Doc dig through the refuse and find 4 gold pieces and a silver statue of the goddess of healing The Grandmother worth 50 – 100 gp

The group finds a skeleton that has black shiny stuff and pits in the bones

It has a letter that the group reads.

Delphinia in Riverhaven – Max recognizes that she is a part of the temple of the healers

Ser Jopen – 76 years ago

Stryker tries to examine the body and determine the cause of death. He is unable to ascertain how he died

Stryker takes and breaks a bone it begins to rattle and shake.

The party enters combat

Stryker gets a tarry substance on his hand

Stryker places a bonfire and the skeleton jumps away

Doc shoots a fire bolt

Max trips the skeleton and then smashes him to the ground destroying the skeleton

Nanok feels a primal anger at the fact that he couldn’t help protect the pack. And begins to pummel the skeleton and growling

The group is unsure how to react

Nanok gets a lot of black substance on his hands but is unaffected

The party investigates the room and see a room that is looks to be in good shape. It has a firepace and and a blood stain indicating someone died
but there is no body.

Stryker examines the knife and is unable to ascertain any information from it. Stryker takes the knife

Max examines the blood and finds it is not fresh and smells rotten. this is unusual.

Stryker investigates the firepace finding nothing unusual

the party heads to the commons area room

The party open each door. A creature spews out a rotten stench filled liquid landing on Stryker.

Nanok scores a massive blow causing heavy damage. Cleaving the entire left side of the creature.

3 comes in and strikes the creature with his quarterstaff and then kicks the creature. as it goes flying back against the wall it splatters
like a bug against a windshield.

Stryker is stung by 3 darts and discover the chest contains parchment and indicates a ritual for demon summoning

Doc recognizes the creature was a priest from the order of St ironbore. The notes indicate a specific demon, but the rest of the note is in code.

the party moves to what used to be a refectory

There is a demonic looking face with goat horns carved into the wall

There is so much debris that you can’t move. 3 begins to clear out debris findng a dead body that quickly grabs onto him.

The zombie lunges up and tries to claw at 3 missing

Max attacks the zombie dealing massive damage

the 1st zombie slashes Max

the 2nd zombie slashes 3

Doc casts burning hands dealing damage to both of the zombies

the giant rat runs up attacks 3 missing

the 2nd giant rat slashes Max scoring a strong hit

Nanok goes into rage letting out a visceral growl and rushes in to attack the 1st zombie. plunging his axe straight through landing on the floor
taking a small chunk out of the stone beneath his feet

Stryker steps up and casts bonfire burning the zombie. The rat moves out of the way taking only a little damage.

3 strikes the second zombie with his quarterstaff and then kicks the 2nd giant rat

Max attempts to frighten the rat. He fails but does significant damage.

Doc kills zombie to by shooting a fireball that burns both of his legs and quickly turns the creature to ash.

The rats take some damage from the fires that have engulfed the debris.

the rat attacks Max knocking him unconcious

3 dire rats move to attack Max, nanok, and Doc

the first and second dire rat hits nanok

the third dire rat misses

Max realizes the fire is coming and his wounds are grievous so he moves back into the hallway

Doc moves over to engulf the rats in a cone of flame. only one rat moves out of the way taking less damage. Doc kills 2 of the rats instantly vaporizing them

the last great rat attacks nanok and misses but stays in the fire

Nanok raises his foot and crushes the skull of the last great rat

Nanok tries to move away and is attacked by the dire rat that was still there.

Stryker casts a bonfire on the remaining dire rat killing it instanty

the 3 dire rats move the fire to attack the party. their scream harrowing the rage they feel.

one attacks Stryker damaging him.

2 rats attack nanok one misses

Max drops down and shoots a crossbow bolt into the rats head

Doc shoots a firebolt at the dire rat causing an explosion throwing rats guts everywhere

The party rests while the debris burns out making the statue look even more demonic and evil

they find 3000 gp and a scroll of acid arrow, potion of healing, scroll of eldritch blast, scroll of true strike, potion of healing

3 and Nanok move through a force field and touch the statue instantly turning to piles of ash. their ashes swirl and are sucked through the mouth
of the statue.

Doc understands that this could be a demonic incineration machine or it could be teleportation device.

Doc casts message and speaks with 3 asking if he is still alive.

3 responds that he is alive.

unbeknownst to the group and Nanok, 3 pulls out his Vizier card and attempts to use it. As 3 looks at it the face of the card turns to look back at him and says
“One question. One answer.” 3 asks “how do we get safely back to our friends” the card responds “touch the face of Azerrax”

3 grabs Nanok and touches the statue on the wall

the rest of the party sees the statues eyes turn red and spew out a black inky substance that slowly morphs into Nanok and 3.

the party goes through the teleport and then steps through another ring that was pointed SW and all but Nanok are caught in webs as spiders
move toward them

Max cuts himself loose and stands ready to attack

Stryker burns the webs and stays in place

Doc burns himself out

3 pulls himself free and readies for action

2 spiders attack 3 missing

Max gets attacked by a spider biting him and poisoning him.

Nanok hits the spider

Max drives his sword through the spiders head

Stryker casts firebolt at the second spider barely missing him

Doc casts firebolt and scores a critical hit. incinerating 2 legs on the front of the spider.

3 swings and misses with his quarterstaff. he hits him with n unarmes strike knocking aother leg off

a spider bites 3 and the second one misses

nanok runs up and pulls the legs off of the remaining spider and beats it to death with them

Max shoots a cross bow bolt and misses

Stryker throws a bonfire down at the spider and damages it slightly

Doc shoots a firebolt at the spider hitting it squarely

3 hits the spider up raising it slightly and he kicks his foot through its carapace

the group explores the room after burning away the spider webs finding desecated corpses.

there are 2 bugbears with 200 gp each and

a gold chain with a ruby heart.


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