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*forgot to post logs, so we'll do a quick review

The party went back through the Mouth of Doom, clearing the entire first floor. About halfway through their adventure, they had to get back to Zelkor’s Ferry to rest and train. Before they left, however, Nanok had a vision of a deity known as Lord Lycaon. Lord Lycaon asked Nanok to become his vessel, and in so doing, destroy Lycaon’s rebellious son, Fenris, and eradicate Nanok’s mortal enemies, the Bloodspear Orcs. Nanok agrees, and the Lord of the Hunt blessed him.

While doing this, the party recovered a captive merchant who had gone insane during his ordeal as a prisoner of whoever controls the dungeon. They find a lot of carvings, tapestries, and other clues indicating that there was some type of war between forces of good and evil nearby, as well as across the Grey Cradle. There was also indication that one of the events was either from an uncertain future or a mutable past.

Throughout, there were certain symbols and icons that began to form a theme: The Devourere, Orcus, is/was involved in the war; there is/was some involvement from the Traveler, the god of chaos and change; and the weapon of the Traveler, the Deck of Many Things, played (or will play?) an integral part in the outcome of the events.

While the party was exploring the Mouth of Doom, Doc Auburn was transported through a rift in space/time. He was clearly in a different version of the Mouth of Doom; whether that was in the past or future was uncertain. He clearly learned some things, but holds that information fairly close to his chest.


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