Efferus is a savage continent upon which the surviving cities of long-forgotten empires serve as artifices of civilization buffeted by the primal darkness of the surrounding wilderness. Deep in southern Efferus lies a small, isolated valley known as the Grey Cradle; it epitomizes the savagery of the continent, and our heroes must carve out their destinies in the shadowy corners of this already darkened land.

After successfully fending off a raiding horde of orcs and goblins from the city of Riverhaven, the party decides to stick together for a while doing odd jobs around the community. Some are hoping to find answers to their pasts, while some simply want to fatten their pockets with a couple extra coins. To these ends, they establish themselves as a licensed business venture known to the citizens of Riverhaven as:


Now, as this party sets off into the wilds to uncover their pasts, they will actually discover that the history and destiny of the Grey Cradle—and even all of Efferus—is woven more closely within their own stories than any of them had previously realized.


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